Bright Beginners Chamber (BBC)

HKMA’s new music programme “Bright Beginners Chamber” is a special orchestra designed for kids who have little or no experience playing together as a group with their own instruments.

The BBC aims to create a fun and sociable atmosphere that encourages kids to learn and make music as a group. The programme will teach them simple musical terms that are very important for early age learners. During rehearsals, we have coaches who practice with the kids so they will not become lost in music. They will learn classical music by famous composers such as Bach, Mozart and Beethoven etc. On the other hand, they will also have the opportunity to play modern pieces such as the songs you hear in Disney movies. It is important to give children an opportunity to perform in their early ages to build up confidence and self-esteem to play in front of people. The HKMA takes part in many performances every year at various occasions such as the annual concert, performance at the airport, charity concert.

HKMA Orchestra (MAO)

The HKMA Orchestra caters for orchestral instrument players with a minimum of ABRSM Grade 5 (or equivalent) level. We intend to start with simple music where students can learn the proper manner of playing in an orchestra, as well as basic skills such as reading the conductor baton and orchestral vocabularies. Our students will also learn to appreciate the importance of accuracy of dynamic, phrasing and intonation in a team play environment. Throughout the training, aural imagination, knowledge of composers and team spirit can be enhanced.

Adult Beginners Chamber (ABC)

Designed for kids who have little or no experience in playing music together. Level: 0 - ABRSM Grade 4 or equivalent.

  • Create a fun and sociable atmosphere
  • Teach simple musical terms
  • Rehearsals with teachers
  • Learn from classical to Movie and Disney music Build up confidence to play in front of people

HKMA Pro Orchestra (MAO Pro)

Welcome all music lovers including professional musicians and students of music school or university to join. As players are more experienced, more sophisticated pieces would be introduced. Music would be selected from a wide range of repertoire and style from baroque to contemporary music. During training, students can build up good musical communication with each other, learn to apply their knowledge as well as develop their creativity. Besides our regular concerts, the HKMA Pro Orchestra will have additional performance opportunities for charity and non-profit organizations.